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Princesses Don't Wear Glasses.....or do they?

About the Book

The concept for this book is it's perfectly acceptable to be unique or different.  This book is geared towards the modern girl in building her confidence and positive self image.  the book is special as it shines the light on a young princess that thinks that princesses are supposed to look a certain way. Through the colorful imagery, the story is driven by this princesses amazing imagination and she changes her attitude towards being a princess that wears glasses. Princesses can wear glasses and maybe even braces. 

Princesses don't have to be one certain way.  All girls can be princesses no matter what. 

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February 6th, 2018

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About The Author

Author Roots

Tia Cherie Dammen grew up in a small town in northern Wyoming. It was in this small idyllic town where her creative imagination and animated personality was developed. Her mother taught Cherie at a young age that being creative was a fun and positive way to express herself.  

Cherie always had a creative and animated personality.  She wrote some short stories in grade school that won awards.  Growing up Cherie was dyslexic, but that didn't stop her from using the written word to express herself.  As she grew in adulthood, Cherie found writing to be therapeutic. Thoughts that bounced around in her head needed a place to go and writing down those thoughts was an outlet and release for her. Not only serious thoughts, but thoughts of imaginary people & places, the possibility of real magic and the idea of endless adventures. (picture is of 4 year old Cherie. Paint on her nose and Fog the cat as her patient passenger.  Cherie actually still has her pink butterfly bike today.)

Author Biography

Tia Cherie Dammen grew up believing in fairy tales and magic. Although she was actually quite the tom boy, she did have a soft girly side.  As an adult, Cherie still believes in magic, the magic of possibilities.  Cherie has always thrived in careers that allow her to use her creative mind. She loves all kinds of writing. This is Cherie's first children's book and she plans to continue this exciting and magical journey. When Cherie isn't writing, she owns and operates Chrome Pilates Studio where she is a STOTT trained Pilates instructor. She enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, planning events, working in her creative studio and spending time with her husband and boys on their Colorado farm & ranch. 

Author Style

While Cherie is still developing her writing style, her writing is fresh, imaginative and engaging to the modern child. She has many finished manuscripts of amazing new adventures that she plans to submit for publishing. She is also toying with the idea of writing a novel. (Picture is Cherie in July 1980, age 7 years old. She loved playing in the dirt, fishing and camping with her family.)

Media Kit

Book Highlights

* Builds confidence and positive self-esteem in young girls

* Teaches acceptance, and its okay to be different.

* Beautiful water colors that inspire the imagination and draws the reader right into the pages. 

* A classic story that you will enjoy reading over and over again. 

* An instant family favorite

* Showcases the true imagination of a young girl as you travel through her idea of a Magical Mountain Valley. 


Children ages 3-12


Young princess age girls

Confidence & self image building

Timeless classic for all audiences

Household staple

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Elizabeth, Colorado 80107



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